The Royal Danish Ballet & Fredericia Teater

An honour to treat so many beautiful souls and good hearted actors that prove themselves to the utmost, exposed to thousands of ladies and gentlemen that get drawn into a magical night under the mystical era of the Price of Egypt.

Such a wonderful performance I did not have the chance to enjoy myself, as we were fully booked treating all the actors during three full weeks at the Royal Opera of Copenhagen.

I can only say that I am looking forward for Fredericia Teater to come back to Copenhagen in October for their next performance, and to cross paths with every single one of them once again.


Royal Danish Ballet
“One of the best treatment I have ever had”

”I have received MANY massages in my years as a professional athlete and a dancer, and this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The technique used and the heart behind the hands managed my muscles in a way that I had never experienced before. Eddy is a truly gifted practitioner. I have since returned and received treatment from Julieta and I was just as pleased with the treatment. The location was central and convenient, and the office/studio itself was beautiful. I really enjoyed the times I went, and I will definitely keep Zenses in my book of treatment places. I highly recommend.”
— Matthew - The Prince of Egypt - Fredericia Teater