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Rest & Relax

Slip into a warm robe, pick your favourite treatment oil from our wide range of ecological and natural essential oils, choose your music, have a tea or an expresso coffee and, whenever you are ready, you will soon be on your way to our definition of Relaxation: In this time together, take a journey within yourself and find your true inner need for relaxation. Re-define your treatment by selecting different treatment techniques, ranging from deep acupressure to soft stretching moves, or hyper sensitive touch. Define yourself


Explore Nature

Committed to inspiring your love and appreciation for the natural world. Step outside from our Wellness Center and inmerge yourself with us in nature. We combine the best of internal exploration with hands-on activities for learning and discovering.


Upcoming Retreats


Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Spain
Coming Soon

As soon as we have everything confirmed, we will post all the detailed information

Spanish Cuisine 101
Coming Soon

Together with Caminando®, be part of our Gastronomy course focussed in Delikatesse Spanish Cuisine. Information coming soon

Spain Backpacking Trip
Coming Soon

Malaga, El Camino del Rey, Vivac and outdoor self sufficient overnight retreat. Information coming soon


Reserve Your


Nature adds meaning to life!! Where will you go? Zenzes Wellness by Winding® specialises in blending wellness and nature in a solely unique way, and arranges exclusive Wellness Retreats in Spain, Meditation & Yoga Getaways, and unique nature Adventures, as well as personalised teaching workshops. Reserve your next Adventure hand in hand with Eddy Winding and find your inner self