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Eddy Winding is a level 4+ LMT, Licensed Sports Therapist and Sports Injury Therapist whose practice has become a standard in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg for the past years with Zenzes Wellness by Winding®. He now masters different methods of bodyworks, and has become Certified Practitioner in Shiatsu Esalen®, Reiki, Naprapat, Sports Massage Therapist, Sports Injury Therapist, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Sacred Lomi® Bodywork, Process® Massage, and currently working on becoming certified in Tom Meyers and ROLF techniques.

Eddy provides an unique added value and experience to his treatments with his additional education and work experience in the Fitness Industry. Among others, Eddy is a certified Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Instructor and ran his school of Traditional Martial Arts “Dojo” in California, teaching both adults and children. Having been involved in traditional karate for over 20 years, martial arts has given him an ample knowledge about muscles, energy transference, and fitness treatment which he uses on a daily basis by using good standing positioning, very intense grip and power, and an incredible and unique “energy transference” between the client and himself, elevating the treatment to an utmost personal experience. Eddy has also worked as a Physical Education teacher in elementary school in the United States, and has collaborated with different fitness instructors to achieve greater results when treating clients with stress, depression, or anxiety disorders.

Besides having studied and work with different methods of bodywork treatments and applied techniques, Eddy holds a University Degree from United States as a Computer Scientist, and worked in the IT industry for many years. It was back then when Eddy made a drastic change in career paths following his “call” into dedicating his life to providing energy transference and working with people on their personal needs, specialising in circulatory, neuromuscular, immune, and neuroendocrine body systems as well as the subtle fields and flows. In 2011, Eddy reached his goal by establishing his own Wellness Center in Copenhagen, Zenzes Wellness by Winding®.

After an extensive life-long travelling experience between Spain, United States and Denmark, Eddy established his home in 2010 in a small town 30 kilometers north of Copenhagen, surrounded by forests, lakes, and sea-shore. Eddy can be found during the day at Zenzes Wellness by Winding®, or otherwise he might be riding his motorcycle along the forest of Sweden or the Fjords of Norway enjoying life adventures with nature.

-”if you need to lure him, a good expresso coffee will do”